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Key Ingredients to a Fast Truck

Syclone Modification Stages

Stage 1:
How to Get a Stock Truck Deep in the 13's

Tuner's Guide to DataMaster

Real World Tuning Example:
Vortec/PT67GTQ Syclone on C16

Performance Roadmap: Syclone 4.3L Turbo V6

3 Bar Chip Tunes for Download

My 1991 Syclone

11.45 @ 117 Budget Build Spreadsheet

Vortec Heads Budget Spreadsheet

Racing Videos

Turbo Grand Prix

My 1990 TGP


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The goal of this site is to help you make your vehicle faster.

I think we (hot-rodders) all want a street car with plenty of power to spare. But it should also be able to beat around on the street for years between major failures.

Have you ever tested out a new modification, and found yourself second guessing whether it made a difference or not? I hate those kind of mods! My favorite kind of mod is the one where you give a buddy a ride and he says "Whoa, did you do something to this truck??" Spend some time reading this site, and you will be armed with the knowledge to make it happen.

If you like to learn how & why things work and want to get your car/truck running the way it "should" (or even faster), this site is for you.

Site Contents
GMC Syclone Articles

  • Key Ingredients to a Fast Truck - Five things that make up the foundation of any fast truck! Also, a list of parts that must match to go fast, and ideas for planning the scope of your next build.

  • Syclone Modification Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 - Learn which modifications work together for the best combinations, including estimated quarter mile performance for each stage at both pump gas and high boost levels..

  • Stage 1: How to Get Your Stock Truck Deep in the 13's - A comprehensive guide! Including "free mods", tuneup parts list, a beginner's guide to connecting & using DataMaster, and common performance problems & solutions.

  • Tuner's Guide to TTS DataMaster Scan Tool - A list of the 6 most critical values, and 15 more useful values. Learn what they mean, what the values SHOULD be on a normal truck, and solutions if your truck shows a problem reading.

  • FEATURED ARTICLE - Real World Tuning Example: Vortec Heads/412 Cam PT67GTQ Syclone on C16 at High Boost - One of the largest pages on the site! Read along as I detail my day spent tuning a low 11 second "Stage 3" modified Syclone which normally runs 93 octane pump gas & methanol injection. We went for a "balls out" high boost tune trying for a 10 second truck! Here's a classic example of the difference between just "chip tuning" and "whole vehicle tuning", including info on high stall torque converters.

  • Performance Roadmap: Syclone 4.3L Turbo V6 - Check out this "Roadmap" diagram illustrating what it takes to chip away ET, one second at a time!

  • Syclone/Typhoon 3 Bar Chip Tunes - Download any version "Ultimate Chip", or download my truck's race proven custom alcohol wideband tunes! (Whoa!!)

  • My 1991 Syclone - 11.45 @ 117.7 MPH on a stock bottom end, full street trim, 93 octane DIY budget build. Stats & modification list of both my current combo and my old stock motor / stock turbo combos, along with the DataMaster files from the best runs for each combo.

  • 11.45 @ 117 "Budget Build" Parts Spreadsheet - A complete budget for every part in my build! Full part number/price list, including Grand Total of what it would cost to replicate my truck from a stock one (Whoa!! This could be the Most Useful Information on the entire site.)

    Recipes Inside: "11.45 @ 117 for $8600" - Build a copy of my truck complete with max effort transmission! Only $4450 if you already have a built transmission.

    "Low 12s for a Grand" (12.26 @ 108 for $1080 on pump gas/alky)

    "High 11's for $2500" (11.79 @ 114 on pump gas/alky)

    Click image for HTML spreadsheet, or Right Click to Save as Excel XLS

  • Vortec Head Budget Conversion Parts Spreadsheet - A complete budget for converting to late-model cast iron V6 Vortec cylinder heads! Full part number/price list of everything I used, including the purchase of precision measuring tools and supplies. Also including Grand Total of what it would cost to convert your stock head truck to Vortecs.

    Click image for HTML spreadsheet, or Right Click to Save as Excel XLS

    Don't forget my enormous 13 page "Vortec Head & Cam Install on Stock Bottom End" thread on SyTy.net "Member's Projects". This thread is filled with over 100 original photos making it a must-read if you are thinking about installing upgraded cylinder heads on your truck. I also show detailed 4.3L Vortec V6 valvetrain measurements and you can follow along as I port my own cylinder heads.

  • Racing Videos - Mid 11 second dragstrip runs, Road America chase cam video

  • Syclone Web Links - Check out several other SyTy resources around the web. Not just the typical links.

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