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By Josh Straub, 2009


Key Ingredients to a Fast Truck

Syclone Modification Stages

Stage 1:
How to Get a Stock Truck Deep in the 13's

Tuner's Guide to DataMaster

Real World Tuning Example:
Vortec/PT67GTQ Syclone on C16

Performance Roadmap: Syclone 4.3L Turbo V6

3 Bar Chip Tunes for Download

My 1991 Syclone

11.45 @ 117 Budget Build Spreadsheet

Vortec Heads Budget Spreadsheet

Racing Videos

Turbo Grand Prix

My 1990 TGP


Unfreezing Frozen Windows Applications
Syclone Web Links

Syclone/Typhoon Forums (www.syty.net) - The main discussion forum for SyTy enthusiasts. Nearly every problem has been discussed at some point in the past, so use the "Search" and use it often! There's also a Timeslip Database listing the fastest trucks around the world, ranked by ET.

SyTyAuthority.net - Jason Granger's comprehensive list of original GM part numbers for our trucks. Bookmark it now and refer to it before your next trip to the dealer parts counter.

SyTyArchives.com - One of the most complete "How To" guides on the net for common SyTy repairs and upgrades. Looking for tips on doing a tranny R&R? Removing your ABS? Replacing your timing chain? It's all here, and a lot more - including a database of mileage & mods for nearly every Syclone/Typhoon made.

SyTy.org's Exploded-view Diagrams - These must be scanned right out of the GM Service Manual. Very handy for repair reference!

Wes's stock bottom end Typhoon Vortec Heads/Cam Conversion Photo Gallery - Nice set of photos.

"Dr. Brinski"'s 11 second Syclone Street Racing Stories - A very old site, but his large collection of well-written street racing stories are timeless!

"GMC Mike"'s 12 second Syclone pages - Another very old site (not updated for 10 years), but it still has some good drag racing tips and tricks.

Mike Renz's Typhoon Mods page - Photos of Mike's Vortec Head install, engine rebuild, and how-to guides. Pay attention to his Mod list, the yellow icons open a link to a whole new page with a how-to guide.

Holley Commander 950 ECM 98-page EFI Tuning Manual - A FANTASTIC tuning resource for free!! Even though this is a standalone and nothing about Syclone/Typhoons, its operation is extremely similar to the SyTy ECM. This is one of the only ACTUAL GUIDES ON HOW TO TUNE A FUEL INJECTED CAR that I have ever seen.

EdgesZ28.com 8D ECM TunerPro Tables Guide - This is for the F-Body ECM, but still a GREAT resource containing snapshots and descriptions of *many* GM ECM chip tables in TunerPro. A lot of this is the same in the Syclone/Typhoon ECM. There's also a good list of DIY-EFI chip tuning links on the Super 8D ECU Home Page.

Sportmachines.com - Magazine scans of nearly every article ever written about the Syclone/Typhoon, especially early 1990's editions. There's also a large photo gallery containing photos of trucks by VIN number.

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