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By Josh Straub, 2009


Key Ingredients to a Fast Truck

Syclone Modification Stages

Stage 1:
How to Get a Stock Truck Deep in the 13's

Tuner's Guide to DataMaster

Real World Tuning Example:
Vortec/PT67GTQ Syclone on C16

Performance Roadmap: Syclone 4.3L Turbo V6

3 Bar Chip Tunes for Download

My 1991 Syclone

11.45 @ 117 Budget Build Spreadsheet

Vortec Heads Budget Spreadsheet

Racing Videos

Turbo Grand Prix

My 1990 TGP


Unfreezing Frozen Windows Applications

Obviously this is generalized to make the diagram easier to read. You could go faster or slower with/without certain mods. Also, the prices (written vertically in gray) are not a complete price to reach that level - just the cost of some of the main parts necessary.

Take notice of the huge amount of "Bang for the Buck" you can get with cheap bolt-ons on a stock motor, stock turbo truck! Beyond that point, it costs WAY more to only go a little bit faster.

For more information on choosing correctly matching parts for a solid combination, check out this page: Syclone Modification Stages.

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