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By Josh Straub, 2009


Key Ingredients to a Fast Truck

Syclone Modification Stages

Stage 1:
How to Get a Stock Truck Deep in the 13's

Tuner's Guide to DataMaster

Real World Tuning Example:
Vortec/PT67GTQ Syclone on C16

Performance Roadmap: Syclone 4.3L Turbo V6

3 Bar Chip Tunes for Download

My 1991 Syclone

11.45 @ 117 Budget Build Spreadsheet

Vortec Heads Budget Spreadsheet

Racing Videos

Turbo Grand Prix

My 1990 TGP


Unfreezing Frozen Windows Applications

GMC Syclone Racing Videos

Drag Racing
    Vortec Heads/Cam Combo:
  • 11.45 @ 117.7 run vs. 03 Cobra. Great Lakes Dragaway daytime Nov. 2007 -
    YouTube (low quality), High Quality 640x480
  • Mid 11 second run vs. LS2 GTO. GLD nighttime Nov. 2007 - YouTube, High Quality 640x480
  • Mid 11 second run vs. muscle car on slicks. GLD nighttime Nov. 2007 - YouTube, High Quality 640x480

    Stock Heads/Cam Combo:
  • Series of High 11 second runs at night, camera standing right next to truck. Great Lakes Dragaway "Super Sticky Thursday", June 2006 - High Quality
  • High 11 second run, close up at launch. GLD, sunny day Sept. 2005 - YouTube (low quality), High Quality 640x480
  • High 11 second run, far lane. Great Lakes Dragaway, sunny day Sept. 2005 - High Quality 640x480
  • 11.79 @ 114 MPH best run with stock heads/cam, GLD Nov. 2003 - YouTube (low quality)
Road Racing
  • Road America Turn 12, October 2006 - YouTube High quality
  • Road America Turn 7, October 2006 - YouTube (low quality)
  • Road America 1.5 Lap Chase Cam, April 2004 - YouTube
Street Beating
    Stock Turbo Combo:
  • Vs. Heads/Cam Typhoon, Great Lakes Gathering ~2003 - YouTube
Engine Videos
    Vortec Heads/Cam (11.45) Combo:

  • Tach/Speedometer, 0-60 Launch, 21 PSI Boost - Medium Quality
    This is a GREAT video to demonstrate the tight 2700 RPM stall of my custom Yank PY3400E torque converter! You can also see the quick shifts on the tach.
  • Tach/Speedometer, 2nd gear roll to 70 MPH, 21 PSI Boost - Medium Quality

If you have any problems playing these videos, like errors saying codec not installed, contact me so I can resolve it. I tried to encode the videos in a compatible format.

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