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1990 Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix

Performance Statistics
    GT2871R Turbo: (installed June 2006)
  • new quarter mile times coming.. DataMaster predicts very low 14s near 100 MPH at 15 PSI
  • Estimated 350 HP, 450 LB-FT torque
    Stock T25 Turbo:
  • 14.7 @ 93 MPH at 11-12 PSI, turbo maxed out
  • Estimated 280 HP, 350 LB-FT torque

  • Factory 2-bolt stock "LG5" 3.1L 60* V6 motor, 206,000mi (May. 2009)
  • Stock aluminum canted-valve cylinder heads

  • Garrett GT2871R 53mm Turbo upgrade, .86 A/R turbine, 475 HP-capable
  • GM LS1 beehive valve springs
  • 28# Fuel Injectors (from stock Syclone application)
  • Moates Ostrich real-time chip emulator, TunerPro chip tuning software (retuned by me for the 28# injectors)
  • PLX M-300 Wideband O2
  • "Fully" performance built stock 4T60 overdrive transmission, stock 2000 RPM stall converter
  • Aftermarket upgraded flex-joint Exhaust Crossover Pipe
  • BoostValve manual boost controller

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